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Rodeo stage mens jumpsuit Hermans L X 32

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Men's Jumpsuit L vintage ,  hemp silk chameuse like satin ,medium thickness  orange uneven hand dyed with low impact dye orange  then low impact fabric paint . 2 front pockets  Has broncos  says Hermans Eco Hermans Hemp, ain't nobody tell me nothin made in USA and lets party  Jumpsuit zip up long sleeve. If you wear a 42 jacket this will fit you Large with. 32" inseam hand wash, don't put in the machine  . Waist fits from 32" to 38" with the belt. Waist measures 41" but it should be loose. From armpit to armpit is 23 1/2 " from shoulder to shoulder is 21" , from shoulder to the end of the sleeve is  26" , the top yoke has  it's cotton then it has vintage blue and white fringe , silky, airbrushed on the sleeve say Hermans Eco  Made in USA, has a 2 part collar ,cuffed sleeves 2 front pockets, zip up which you can leave open some. made in USA , Montana . Thanks to all my customers Eco Designer Anna Herman we ship fast free and Plastic free ,
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