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Mens Suit Potato Farmer Butte 42 34 x 32 Airbrushed USA

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Men's Suit 42 , pants are 34 x 32. Cotton airbrushed Butte Potatoes Union . Bells , high waisted . Jacket has cuffs , flap front pockets big collar , zips up the front . From shoulder to shoulder is 20 1/2 " , from pit to pit is 25" waist (end of the jacket ) is 46", down the back from below the collar to the end is 25" , from the shoulder to the end of the sleeve is 25", I had to airbrush part of the zipper might wear off a bit. Its low impact fabric pant.  Also has a Farmer with a hoe  on it. You can iron it. Turn the suit inside out . Gentle wash . I did wash for shrinkage.  Has darts in front and back for a more tailored fit . Made in USA says Hermans Eco . Designed by Anna Herman . We shop fast free and plastic free. I can do this in another size. 
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