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Mens Shirt Drawn Horse Steampunk Repurposed USA Hermans

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Men's Steampunk dress shirt large neck is 16 1/2", from armpit to armpit is 24", waist is 46", from armpit to the end of the sleeve is 22", from shoulder to shoulder is 19" from shoulder to the end of the sleeve is 26" down the back from below the collar to the hem is 34" I used the edging from the tablecloth for the hem. Part of it is linen part is cotton . The cuffs are 2 button the sleeve is a fuller cut. Maybe a bit swash buckler 2 part collar, buttons up the front . Charming. I don't know where I will find the great graphics on the old tablecloths again but I sure will be looking. The sleeve has a dress shirt style detail above the cuff. The devil is in the detail. Hand wash it says the fabric is made in the USA too. Sold at Macy's back in the day.

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