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Mens Romper L Rooster Heads Boujour Hermans

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Size Large, men's Romper shorts Large waist goes to 44" without the belt ,the belt tightens it would be fine for waist 32 to 40" has front pockets zips up the front you can leave it open some zipper goes all the way to the collar ,gentle wash cold is best regular wash is ok on this one but take the belt off. from armpit to armpit is 23",from shoulder to shoulder is 20", inseam is 4", waist without the belt goes to 44". Made from found fabric Cotton light weight good for summer Rooster heads and says Bonjour,. Made in USA . I will try to fit everyone and I am going to make some smaller sizes in different fabrics found vintage fabrics and natural colored organic cotton . We ship the next day.

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