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Mens Grafitti Shirt XL Anonymous Made in USA

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Made in USA by Hermans Eco ,XL,light tan and black, medium wieght cotton Has the Anonymous face on the front , sleeves and back . on the back it says it's time for an Organic Planet . on the front it says end corruption and Embroidered Herman's Eco , has a front pocket a 2 part collar , the neck is 16 1/2". from shoulder to shoulder is 18" from armpit to armpit is 24" waist is waist is 44" . from the shoulder to the end of the sleeve is 25 " . sleeve is cuffed. From the armpit to the end of the sleeve is 21 1/2" has an Anna Herman Label on the neck and a Made in USA tag on the front pocket . I do have some more and I put the graphics on other pieces of clothes. It's mainly about the environment and empowerment. Free shipping and plastic free. This is an Eco Fashion Company . the ink is low impact. gentle or hand wash . hot iron the fabric is medium wieght , cotton . Shell buttons

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