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Mens Crochet jumpsuit L Hermans

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Mens Crochet Jumpsuit L x 32 inseam belted fits from 30 to 45” waist actual waist before the belt is 37”, hip is 42” lined to the knee , bell bottoms  14” across , zips up the front, side inside pockets big collar . I sewed around the belt holes by hand . Has 4 “ fringe  blue light blue and green . Granny saved this bedspread for many years never used it , then I came along bought it and made this jumpsuit. Hand wash cold water, then wrap in a towel . Don’t hang it while it’s wet or it will stretch Seen together well but still delicate . We ship fast free and plastic free. Made in USA. Cotton , the belt has  hand sewn belt  holes you have to look close to see them 
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