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Mens Cowboy Shirt Hermans M USA Blue stripe with piping Pearl Snaps

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Mens Medium Shirt long Sleeve . Cowboy Shirt Snap up pearl snaps has 2 front Double snap pockets Blue Cotton vintage stripe with piping trim . Medium , cuffed 2 part collar , snaps with 2 front pocket made in USA. Medium, has an Anna Herman Label,Rare Vintage cotton , from shoulder to shoulder is 18" . from the shoulder to the end of the sleeve is 25" from the armpit to the end of the sleeve is 22 1/2" from the armpit to the armpit is 23" neck is 15 1/2" waist is 46". down the back from below the collar to the hem is 31" it Graduated, Gentle wash or hand wash line dry is best . Medium to hot Iron .

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