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Mens Castle Knight Jester Stage Suit 42

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Cotton with applique 42  Rhinestones , Knights , Castle, Flying Dragons , Jesters,  jacket lined.  Designed by Anna Herman . Pants are 34 waist X 33" inseam .  the appliques are felt sewn on with some rhinestones, airbrushed details , Jacket has 2 from pockets . Pants have 4 pockets. Suit style .  From shoulder to shoulder is 20 1/2" , from the shoulder to the end of the sleeve is 23" ,waist is 40", You can alter the waist  on the pants ( now 34" )in the back seam.  This one can be washed by hand in cold water . Its thick cotton  blue to orange . Sorta aharkskin, orange lining.  We ship fast , free and plastic free. Designed by Anna Herman made in USA it started as Annibel Lee  the last poem Poe ever wrote them I added  some of my favorites,
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