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Hermans Eco Linen Men's Shirt Gondola Long Sleeve M

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Made from an unused Vintage Czechoslovakian Tablecloth that was never used and stored in a cedar trunk for years .old world men on a gondola . Green and white double button cuffs, 2 part collar, Medium 2 front pockets . Has vintage pearl buttons . embroidered on the Sleeve it says Hermans eco Linen USA . has an Anna Herman label on the neck . The neck is 16", from shoulder to shoulder is 19", from armpit to armpit is 22 1/2 " down the back from below the collar to the hem is 29" . has the men on the gondola on the back yoke , The Cuffs, etc. When I see something like this I get inspired while I will never make this shirt again , I will make other things from found great vintage things. Hand Wash . Hot iron . Linen

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