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Hermans Eco Grafitti Jumpsuit L X 31 USA

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Made and designed by Anna Herman of Hermans Eco. Saved fabric cotton. Thin weight , Has real small leaves pattern made in USA ,Montana.dark green Size Large has inside Side pockets ,a belt , long sleeves cuffed , 2 part collar and a zip fly, Waist from 33 " to 39" the belt tightens it down the smallest notch is 32" belt goes to 39" the waist without the belt goes to 42 ", the graphics will stay but turn it inside out and wash on gentle just the same, Take the belt off. , Hermans Eco USA is Embroidered on the Sleeve. From shoulder to shoulder is 21", inseam is 31" from armpit to armpit is 25". from the armpit on the end of the sleeve is 19" . Hip is 46", from the shoulder to the end of the sleeve is 25", the sleeves are cuffed and have an Shell buttons . it's a girl With a spray paint can with a partial face mask , says if you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission . Banksy design . This is an eco company. We source things sustainably and we pay our suppliers . Very hard to find companies producing in the US. Gentle or reg machine wash, hot iron , you can put it on the regular wash cycle gentle is better .take the belt off and wash. made in USA, on the neck says Anna Herman I will try to fit everyone and I am going to make some other sizes in different color fabrics and I Have whites in every size . solids. I will be changing the graphics mostly Empowerment and Eco friendly sayings found vintage fabrics and natural colored organic cotton . We ship the next day ,plastic free . Thanks to all my customers for making me such a big success Eco Designer Anna Herman
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